St. Mary Magdalene’s

Looking forward to Mass this afternoon at beautiful Saint Mary Magdalene Church in the Omaha-CB metro. Stained-glass windows especially poignant this Memorial Day Weekend.


Jacobsen Responds

Axne: hold Barr in contempt of Congress

What you are calling for is illegal, Congresswoman. You cannot hold the AG in contempt for UPHOLDING THE LAW. The Attorney General cannot release a fully redacted report, as it is illegal to release any such private grand jury testimony under these circumstances, and especially when no charges are filed. As a lawmaker, your grasp on our nation’s laws seems tenuous. Please stick to helping your flooded constituents in multiple Southwest Iowa counties.

Jon Jacobsen

Bi-Partisanship is Not Always “Alien”: Hollywood Comes to Joslyn Museum, Joined by Neighboring IA Pols

Laura Belin (Bleeding Heartland), Jon Jacobsen, and Chad Guttau display bi-partisan appreciation for epic sci-fi blockbuster screening of James Cameron’s “Aliens” at Bruce Crawford’s Classic Film Event to fight kidney disease at Joslyn Museum Friday evening, with star Michael Biehn autographing in background.
L to R: Kip Christopher X Murphy, Ron Thomas, Sheila Murphy, David Begley, Laura Belin, Jon Jacobsen, Chad Guttau, and Co-Sponsors Heidi & Richard Anzalone.

Bruce Crawford Again Turns Omaha Into Hollywood This Evening, Friday Night: James Cameron’s “Aliens”—with mega-hit star Michael Biehn in person, to defeat kidney disease, 6:30 at the Joslyn!

Come out to Joslyn Museum this eve at 6:30—joining multi-genre movie star Michael Biehn (Terminator, Tombstone, The Abyss, Grease) in person, for another American Film Institute Awardee Bruce Crawford Omaha Classic Film Events to beat kidney disease: Cameron’s Mega-Hit: “Aliens”!

Star Michael Biehn with Jon Jacobsen


“Jonnys, we hardly knew ye!” Friendly Iowa House of Representatives Republican colleagues Jon Thorup & Jon Jacobsen had the good fortune to bump into each other today in Southwest Iowa. Both, each in their own way, serve as officers of the court, while performing their professional duties outside of their Legislative responsibilities.

Iowa State Highway Patrolman Trooper Jon Thorup
with Attorney/Senior Trust Officer-V.P. Jon Jacobsen
Both are friends & colleagues in the IA Legislature
as GOP Members of the House of Representatives.